• Class Weighting/Ranking System for High School

    Weighting Method: The final grade/average for each course is multiplied by the weighting/difficulty factor (See below). All adjusted grades are summed and divided by the number of credits, not courses, taken. The resulting number will be considered the "weighted" grade point average. Dropped or incomplete courses are not used in this calculation. Where a class has been failed and re-taken, the higher of the two averages will be used for the calculation.

    Level Weighting Factor

    Course Type Weighting Factor
    Electives 1.00
    Regents 1.05
    AP Courses/College Credit 1.10

    Class rank will be calculated at two specific points in time

    • At the end of Junior (11th) year; and
    • At the end of the 3rd quarter marking period during the Senior (12th) year.

    Transfer Student Graduation Information

    A transfer student must be in attendance for two consecutive years prior to graduation to be eligible for Valedictorian, Salutatorian, or Historian status, or to be ranked within the class. It is the discretion of the principal to convert forwarded grades that are calculated using a different scale.