Thank you for your interest in the Universal Pre-Kindergarten (UPK) program through the Sherman Central School District.  Registration packets for the 2024-25 Universal Pre-Kindergarten Program are available by clicking on the Pre-Kindergarten Registration link to the left, or you can pick up a hard copy or in the Main Office at this time. 

    **Children must be:

    1. 4 years old by December 1
    2. District Residents
    3. Immunized


    • What should I expect from a Pre-K class?

      • Your child will spend 6 hours in a Pre-K program.

      • Curriculum is aligned to NYS Pre-Kindergarten Next Generation Standards and ensures continuity with elementary grades.

      • Activities are learner-centered and promote a child's growth and development.

      • There are NYS certified teachers in both classrooms

    • When is Pre-K offered?

      • Monday through Friday, six hour full-day programs.

      • 180 days during the school year

      • Follows the SCSD school calendar 

    Items Needed to Register Your Child:

    1. Copy of child’s birth certificate
    2. Copy of immunization records
    3. Custody papers (if applicable)
    4. Proof of residency
    5. All of the forms in the Pre-Kindergarten Registration link to the left, with the exception of the dental health certificate, which is optional.

    *Please note that if you would like your child to ride the bus that they must be 4 years of age or older. Prior to this age you must arrange for transportation of your child.  

     If you need assistance with the application process, please email jeddy@shermancsd.org, call 716-761-6121, or visit us at 127 Park Street, Sherman, NY 14718.